Beach Bags For 2017

beach bag

Need some help or advice for your next beach bag? Then take a read of this useful blog post.

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Remembering 90's Fashion

nineties fashion

Anyone children from the 90's want a reminder of how fashion used to be?

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The Glamorous Dress Code

Discover the code to a glamorous dress sense with some of our dressing up tips right here.

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1 in 10 Own A Handbag Worth Over £500

designer handbag

Have a read about the fact that 1 in 10 women admit to owning a handbag that is worth over £500 and what they can do to help protect themselves from handbag snatchers.

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Leather Handbag Care Tips

bottega bag

Some sensationlal tips and advice to help you care for that leather handbag. We all know a leather handbag can be an expensive purchase, so make it last. The tips contained within this post will help you prolong the life of your new leather handbag.

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Welcome to our website and our very first blog post!

We are live at last after months of planning with some delay but just in time for Christmas! Yes, we hope you think as we delve in to the murky and competitive world of handbag e-commerce. But, we hope you like what you find on our website as we have invested plenty in to it.

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